Malevich's Tomb

This site presents two exhibitions dedicated to the 100 Yr Anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s BLACK SQUARE (1913/1915). The first occurred at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF) Adelaide, South Australia in June-July 2013; the second was staged at TCB inc, Melbourne, in October-November, 2015.

Both exhibitions were facilitated by the Sydney based artist/gallerist Iakovos Amperidis and artist/writer/gallerist/academic Alex Gawronski, also based in Sydney.

Artists participating at the AEAF were: Iakovos Amperidis, Daniel Boyd, Marya Elimelakh, Nicholas Folland, Alex Gawronski, Shane Haseman, Biljana Jancic, Michelle Nikou and Justene Williams (AUS), Sean Kerr, Dane Mitchell and et al. (NZ), and IRWIN and LAIBACH (SI).

Artists participating at TCB inc. were: Iakovos Amperidis, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Scott Donovan, Alex Gawronski, Shane Haseman, Jelena Telecki, Mike Parr and Justene Williams (AUS), et al., (NZ) and IRWIN and LAIBACH (SI).

This site is also intended to include evolving material associated with the BLACK SQUARE, its histories and contemporary trajectories.